My Intro

Hi, I am Nabiha Gill, Founder of Gill Lifestyle Medical and Wellness. I have almost 20 years experience in medical practice with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Wholistic and Integrative management, interdisciplinary pain rehab, chronic disease management/pain/obesity, whole health expertise, Lifestyle Medicine expertise with board certification with American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and Whole Food Plant based nutrition certified and personal successful experience of reversing prediabetes, hyperlipidemia and losing more than 40 lbs with Lifestyle Medicine interventions.
Happy to help others with evidence based Lifestyle Medicine interventions education and wellness awareness and inspiration with personal success story and journey.

Gill Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Monthly Subscription includes;

  1. Access to weekly Zoom group meetings with Dr. Nabiha Gill, Lifestyle Medicine Physician for Q&A
  2. Access to Private Facebook group for ongoing lifestyle medicine and wellness resources and support.
  3. Access to Gill Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Facebook page. Please join Facebook page.
  4. Invitation to educational webinars/lectures with special member discounts

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